Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"A Big Garden" by Gilles Clement and Vincent Grave (Prestel Publishing)

This certainly is a big book (so we made our header image nice and big to match). "A Big Garden" by Gilles Clement and Vincent Grave is perfect for this time of year, as spring starts to shyly emerge from winter's shadow, and all our gardens come to life.

This beautifully prosaic look at the life of a garden - and the gardener who tends it is underpinned by the most stunningly detailed illustrations as we closely take a look at the seasons, and the months that herald their arrival.

Part fact, part fantasy but so dizzyingly beautiful that you'll get completely lost in these amazing pages, each illustration full of quirky and whimsical moments that mean just one read through will never be enough. We spent hours with this one, laughing together at all the tiny little scenes as they unfolded (and of course marvelling at some truly corking end-papers too).

A very special book this, quite unlike anything we've seen before.

"A Big Garden" by Gilles Clement and Vincent Grave is out now, published by Prestel Publishing (kindly supplied for review). 

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