Wednesday, 21 March 2018

"50 Ways to Feel Happy" by Vanessa King, Val Payne, Peter Harper and Celeste Aires (Quarto Children's Books)

If there's one trend we're seeing increasing in kids from early years upwards, it's the need to take time out and...just be kids.
Part of the ethos in "50 Ways to Feel Happy" by Vanessa King, Val Payne, Peter Harper and Celeste Aires is a deep dive into concepts of mindfulness, and how they can have a hugely positive impact on children's development, as pressures on their learning and other aspects of their lives increase alongside the pace of the modern world.

The book asks what children can do to help themselves and others feel happier and more content, starting off with a series of activities and ideas to encourage cooperative experiences with family and friends that will help them develop a more positive outlook on life, and perhaps broaden their own horizons at the same time.

Right from the cover, the book is sunny and bright, setting you up for the projects and thought processes inside.

Gorgeous illustrations also help to lift the mood straight away, and the book's been expertly written to either be tackled as a whole, or dug into from time to time when it's most needed.

There are 50 awesome activities in total, all based around subjects like relating to other people, helping out and doing things for others, awareness of your world and those around you and of course important stuff like looking after yourself, your body and your mental well being.

It's absolutely perfectly pitched for C's age group, taking a more child-friendly approach for middle graders who are often left out when books like this arrive on the market. It's also great for younger kids who will love working through this with parents, family or even their siblings and friends.

"50 Ways to Feel Happy" is out now, published by Quarto Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).