Wednesday, 21 March 2018

"Earth Verse" by Sally M. Walker and William Grill (Walker Studios)

Take a breathtaking journey around this tiny blue orb we call home, with some incredible prose and illustrations from a very talented duo.
"Earth Verse" by Sally M. Walker and William Grill takes us on an ethereal and relaxing whistle stop tour of some of the amazing sights Earth has to offer, and why our planet is so amazing, precious and sadly fragile.

Coupling amazing poetry with equally amazing illustrations is definitely a win win for us.

From the hidden wonders of fossilization, rocks and the water cycle, to awe-inspiring spectacles like volcanoes, thunderstorms and glaciers, discover the magnificent ways the world works in this unique and beautiful approach to earth science. 

Vivid illustrations by William Grill, the Kate Greenaway medal-winning creator of Shackleton's Journey, and illuminating haikus from Sally M. Walker reveal the extraordinary processes that happen all around us. 

Beautifully presented, once again Walker Studios are establishing a fantastic imprint for non-fiction work that's really dazzled us with recent publications. 

C's best bit: Looking inside rocks at the amazing geodes and crystals

Daddy's favourite bit: A gorgeous, atmospheric and sometimes haunting book that really does an incredible job of summing up Earth's beauty and nature's majesty. Utterly essential!

"Earth Verse" by Sally M. Walker and William Grill is out now, published by Walker Studios (kindly supplied for review).