Thursday, March 1, 2018

A superb "This or That" question and answer session with Gwen Lowe, author of "Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs" coming soon from Chicken House Books. @gwenllowe @chickenhsebooks

We're absolutely delighted to be joined by Gwen Lowe, author of "Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs" for a fantastic "This or That" round of questions ahead of her book launch.

Gwen has brought her incredible expertise in microorganisms into play for a new story about a girl who catches a cold like no other. We won't spoil things too much but you're in for a (slightly snotty) treat in this tense tale of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary illness! EEP!

But first we've managed to catch some time with Gwen for a fabulous "This or That" question and answer session.

Without further ado, over to Gwen...!

1) Chocolate or cheese?

Wow – a hard question to start with! I like eating most things beginning with the letter “c” – cupcakes, crisps, cauliflower, cookies, curry, cherries . . . but I guess if you pin me down and force me to answer then I choose. . . chocolate!

2) Tea or coffee?

At work it’s got to be tea; but what I really like is hot chocolate, rich and warm with a big dollop of thick cream and a fountain of chocolate shavings on top.

3) Gym Bunny or Couch Potato?

Neither – I’m a water sprite. I go swimming a lot. (I try not to think about all the potential nasties that might get me; such as athletes’ foot in the changing room, cryptosporidium bugs in the pool . . .)

4) Lazing on a beach or exploring the countryside?

Exploring every time (unless I’ve got a nice shiny new book and then I love to read it on the beach).

5) Doctor Xand or Dr Chris (From TV's "Operation Ouch")

Oh no, what a mean question! As I’m a doctor too, I respect them both. But if I really must choose between them, I’d go for Dr Xand, but only because it’s such a cool name. (C would also choose Dr Xand "Because he's very silly" - Ed)

6) Icky cold medicine or honey and lemon?

That’s easy – icky cold medicine, because there’s nothing better for making you want to get well than having to force down an enormous dose of vile black medicine.

7) Dogs or Cats?

Well, both can carry nasty diseases, but who cares, as I really like dogs! Anyway, hugging them makes me happy, which is good for my immune system.

8) Summer or Winter?

Summer, because Winter’s filled with all those horrid little cough and cold germs that are out to get you. Did you know that a sneeze can travel up to eight metres if you don’t trap it with a tissue? 

9) Pens or Pencils?

Pens – it can be hard to write, so when I get some words out I want them to be big and bold on the paper, even if I have to cross them out later.

10) Choose your illness- a bug that makes animals love you, or a virus that gives you a fit of the giggles?

Give me the virus with the giggles anytime! I like animals, I really do, but just imagine what would happen if they started following me everywhere – I’d get into so much trouble. And what if it made creatures like spiders and snakes or even cockroaches love me too? I really don’t think I’d want spiders scuttling into my bed at night to cuddle up with me!

Whoah! A huge thanks to Gwen for some absolutely amazing answers (though we're now going to be paranoid about petting dogs and cats, or visiting the local swimming pool!). 

Gwen's fantastic debut "Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs" is out on 1st March 2018, published by Chicken House Books.