Thursday, March 1, 2018

"Almost Anything" by Sophy Henn (Picture Puffin)

Sophy Henn is back, and we're delighted to have her guesting on the blog in a wee short while. But first, let's take a look at "Almost Anything", her new book with a fantastic bunny character and a wonderful positive vibe...
George is a bunny who loves life. But poor George is also a bunny with a whopping dose of self-doubt.

George would love to join his friends in all their activities, but he just doesn't think he'll be any good at anything - so won't even try.

He can't paint.

He can't skate.

He feels pretty useless at everything, but it takes a wise old bear to show George that he can do anything if he just sets his mind to it.

She comes up with a foolproof method to help George regain his confidence and overcome his fears - in the form of a 'magic' hat that he can wear whenever he's worried about anything.

Sure enough, with the aid of his new hat George tries lots of different activities - and lo and behold he can do them all. But what happens when George loses his 'magic' hat?

Thankfully Mama Bear is on hand again with more fabulous advice.

Oh it's such a joyful and heartwarming little book this, full of great little characters (not least of all George himself) and Sophy's amazing eye for illustrative detail and a good cosy story. Love it!

"Almost Anything" by Sophy Henn is out today (1st March 2018), published by Picture Puffin (kindly supplied for review).