Thursday, March 1, 2018

We're joined by fabulous Sophy Henn, author and illustrator of upcoming picture book smasher "Almost Anything" which is out TODAY! Hooray!

Tea, pencils, cheese and roller skates - four of our most favourite things (and Sophy's too!)

We're very fortunate to be joined on the blog today by none other than Sophy Henn, super-cool author and illustrator of the glorious "Pom" books and today's top picture book release "Almost Anything", publishing today from Picture Puffin.

We cooked up a set of devilishly difficult questions and she came through with flying colours. So without further ado, here's our "This or That" with Sophy!

1. Chocolate or Cheese?

Cheeeeeeeese! Can I have crackers and piccalilli too please? (But of course you can! -Ed)

2. Pens or Pencils?


3. Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes as I do love a good murder mystery.

4. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs ( I am only saying that as I have a snoring Jack Russell at my feet, otherwise I would definitely say both!)

5. Seaside or Countryside?

Seaside, but the parts that have countryside right up the edge - see what I did there? Sneaky! (Very! -Ed)

6. Car or Bike?

Car, as I am hopeless on a bike. Now if you'd have said Car or Roller Skates.... (Now you've got us thinking. We LOVE skating - Ed)

7. Cakes or Biscuits?

Biscuits, you can't dunk cake.

8. Tea or Coffee?

TEA. All the tea. Sadly I can't drink coffee anymore as it makes me too jumpy. The last time I tried I managed half a cup and had to go for a run.

9. Gym Bunny or Couch Potato?

Gym Bunny. There is a LOT of sitting at my desk with this job so I HAVE to go to the gym or I just melt into my chair. And I do quite like jumping about like a loon. (Yep, us too! -Ed)

10. Can-Do Bunnies or Slightly Grumpy Pandas

If I am hungry then Slightly Grumpy Pandas, otherwise Can-Do Bunnies.

Thank you SO MUCH Sophy for stopping by to put yourself under the This or That spotlight - and fantastic luck with the launch of "Almost Anything" (published by Puffin).