Wednesday 28 March 2018

"Fussy Freda" by Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt (Hodder Children's Books)

Oh how we love this book, well when I say "we" I actually mean my wife and I - C is not too impressed at all...
I should explain. You see, "Fussy Freda" by Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt is the perfect picture book to sum up our - er - dietary experiences at the moment.

As chief chef of the house, I am constantly frustrated by my wife and daughter's fussiness but when C was a youngster she used to eat just about everything we put in front of her.

Of course, that was until the day she learned the word "NO!" swiftly followed by the word "YUK!" just like Freda in this ticklishly entertaining story.

You see Freda is a fussy madam when it comes to food too. Vegetables? NOOOOO! Fish and Chips? URGHH (what is WRONG with the girl?) Fussy Freda really doesn't like most of what's put in front of her, and her relatives and parents are increasingly frustrated by her behaviour. The poor mite will waste away, surely?

Does this sound like your child? Certainly sounds a lot like ours!
This hilarious tale does at least have a fairly happy ending, and of course the core message is perfect - and you never know, it might just have the desired effect on your little ones and perhaps encourage them to try more than just ice cream, pizza and pasta!

But what DOES she like? You'll have to read the book to find out (Fred, we LOVED this Mario-esque spread!)
"Fussy Freda" by Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).