Monday, 12 March 2018

Gorgeously paper-crafted books detailing the world around us in "What's Above" and "What's Below" by Clive Gifford and Kate McClelland (Egmont Publishing)

We love clever books, and kids of all ages love a book that goes beyond the flat two-dimensional confines of a traditional book.

Egmont's two fantastic natural history titles "What's Below" and "What's Above" both written by Clive Gifford with illustrations and paper engineering from Kate McClelland really bring the world to life in a fantastic and innovative way.

Each diminutively-sized book packs a heck of a lot of information into each page spread, as well as the most glorious pop-up scenes showing everything from the underground habitats of bunnies, to the deep blue oceans of the world where whales and dolphins thrive.

We just love opening these books just for the sheer thrill of seeing how perfectly each little scene unfolds...

The lush green canopy of the rainforest, and all the animals and plants that live there. 
These are just gorgeous. We really loved the final spread in "What's Above?" (we're not going to spoil it by showing you so definitely go and pick up a copy as soon as you can!)

"What's Above?" and "What's Below" by Clive Gifford and Kate McClelland are both available now, published by Egmont (kindly supplied for review).