Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our awesome "This or That?" Questions and Answers session with Diwa Tharan Sanders and Nerina Canzi, Author and illustrator of "Kaya's Heart Song" from Lantana Publishing

We've got a double dose of "This or That" for you today to celebrate the blog tour and release of "Kaya's Heart Song" by Diwa Tharan Sanders and Nerina Canzi.

Both have kindly submitted to our rigorous questions and have come up with some fab answers, so let's get right on with it and see what they came up with. Take it away, Diwa and Nerina.

1) Tea or Coffee?

Diwa: These days, I find myself drinking more tea. But coffee will always be my first love!

Nerina: Coffee with breakfast, without sugar. I like the full-bodied taste of coffee, bitter, deep.

2) Chocolate or Cheese?

Diwa: Dark chocolate, please! The darker the better. I love raw, organic cacao.

Nerina: Cheese and wine and a good laugh with friends.
3) Pens or Pencils?

Diwa: Inky black pens for writing and journaling. I like watching the ink move across the paper.

Nerina: Pencils. The pencil surprises, it changes and adapts to the artist. The pen imposes the stroke.

4) Cats or Dogs?

Diwa: I’m a dog person, although I love BIG cats, leopards especially.

Nerina: Dogs!!! I have four. Dogs are true angels. They have the gaze of the gods, they do not need words.

5) Early riser or late nighter?

Diwa: Early riser, I love soaking up the silence of a new day

Nerina: Early riser… the song of the birds at dawn, the first rays of the sun on the leaves and on the flowers of my garden.

6) E-Book Reader or Print Book Hoarder?

Diwa: Print books every time because I love feeling a book in my hands and being able to thumb through to my favourite parts. I am also drawn to pretty book covers, which you don’t really get a sense of on an e-book. Reading on paper is also kinder on my eyes and attention span.

Nerina: Print Book Hoarder. I like to read at night, in my bed. I find it relaxing to look at the printed word, and I find it more beautiful.

7) Sunny Holiday or Wintry city break?

Diwa: I live in the tropics so I’m going to say either one, as long as the sun is out.

Nerina: Sunny Holiday. I love seeing landscapes, being in nature, feeling the sun and a warm breeze. I’m not fond of cities.

8) Traditional Art or Digital Art?

Diwa: Traditional! I don’t relate to screens. That said, I love a good movie or short film - does that count as digital art?

Nerina: Both. Art is everywhere. There is art on a stone, a paper, or a computer.

9) Roller Coaster or Carousel at the fair?

Diwa: Both, please! Carousels will always hold a timeless place in my heart, I have a strong affinity for them. That said, I love a good scream-your-heart-out roller coaster ride, they’re so therapeutic.

Nerina: Neither. I prefer to wander around and discover new things without repeating my steps.

10) Sing along with a heart song or play along on an instrument?

Diwa: Sing along with a heart song while beating a drum.

Nerina: I love listening to music. I sing terribly off-key and I cannot play an instrument, but when there is music, my heart is happy.

What beautiful answers! Thanks to both Diwa and Nerina for joining us for another "This or That" round. "Kaya's Heart Song" by Diwa and Nerina is out now, published by Lantana Publishing (kindly supplied for review).