Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"The Alphabet of Alphabets" by A.J Wood, Mike Jolley and Allan Sanders (Wide Eyed Editions)

Here's a fantastic and fun book that may well seem like a bit of a strange concept to some. After all, most kids are done with ABC books by the time they start reading themselves...
However, the big draw of "The Alphabet of Alphabets" by A.J Wood, Mike Jolley and Allan Sanders is that it's so much more than just a 'letters' book.

In fact, crammed into this satisfyingly large format hardback are 26 alphabets - 676 different things in total, spread across a range of amazing and interesting subjects that kids will undoubtedly find utterly fascinating.

For example, the book starts out fairly simply, everyone knows their letters though, right?

A is indeed for Alphabet, which is lucky as that's a great way to start off the book 
Moving on, and later in the book things start to get really interesting!

A dinosaur for every letter! Love the details in these spreads!
A.J, Mike and Allan have put together a dazzling array of different subjects to tap into (though we're always slightly amused at how difficult it is to wring an X or a Z out of most subjects - the team manage admirably though with only a tiny, tiny bit of cheating!)

Probably our favourite spread. A forest filled with some incredible characters. 
It's a great way for tinies to learn their letters but it's also a great "Search and Find" book for older kids to see if they can spot the objects detailed in the borders of certain spreads.

The earth laid out for all to see, loads of letters to spot with glee!
Once again, Wide Eyed have absolutely nailed all the elements that go into a perfect non-fic title, injecting tons of fun into the proceedings and ensuring that this book will have your little ones engrossed for hour after hour.

"The Alphabet of Alphabets" by A.J Wood, Mike Jolley and Allan Sanders is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review). 

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