Thursday, 29 March 2018

Our Easter Book Roundup - books instead of chocolate? What a good idea!!

We're pretty sure that you're thinking ahead to this coming Easter Sunday, and all the chocolate you can eat. But how about including books in the mix? Sounds like a great idea right?
We're here to tempt you with a selection box full of tasty book treats so first out of the gate is "The Great Egg Hunt" by Adam and Charlotte Guillain with illustrations by Pippa Curnick.

Forget The Easter Bunny - he's just a huge show off. The real hard workers are the easter chicks who create all the eggs ready for that big blowhard to bring to the masses. In this story, one little easter chick has had enough.

She's worked so hard to make Easter eggs for everyone, but the Easter Bunny always gets all the credit - so enough is enough.

It’s time for Chick to hatch a cunning plan . . . which accidentally turns into the first ever Easter egg hunt!

It's three cheers for chick in this deliciously chocolatey tale that's sure to last a lot longer than a tacky old chocolate egg (just in case you're thinking of following our lead of always buying books instead of choc!)

Deliriously funny rhymes, fab illustrations. "The First Egg Hunt" is choc full of Easter fun and has a brilliant message about teamwork that is great for reading all year round. 

"The First Egg Hunt" by Adam and Charlotte Guillain and Pippa Curnick is out now, published by (who else) Egmont (kindly supplied for review). 

Next, two books from a timeless range that (I can't quite believe) has been entertaining tinies for nearly 20 years! Whoah!

"That's Not My Chick" joins Usborne's brilliant range for pre-schoolers with a classic little touchy feely title perfect for the spring and the arrival of all those easter chicks of course.

With bright colourful illustrations and simple text, kids will absolutely love touching the various different textures and surfaces in this brill collection of books.

There's also the anniversary edition of "That's Not My Bunny" if fluffy little white cottontails are more your thing than shiny pecky beaks.

Once again, a brilliantly presented little book with lots of bunny antics, textured surfaces, chew-proof sturdy board pages and loads of fun for littlies.

We always used to love these books when Charlotte was very tiny, and it's great to see that they're still as popular now as ever they were.

"That's Not My Bunny" and of course "That's Not My Chick" are available now, published by Usborne Children's Books.

Sticking with Usborne there's also another easter treat in the form of "Are You There Little Bunny?"

Usborne's "Little Peep-Through" book range compliments the Touchy Feely range perfectly, with a cute little tail of a bunny who loves to hide.

Can you spot bunny in amongst the pages, with a tiny little hole to look through to see if you find bunny nestling in amongst the foliage in this attractively illustrated and brilliantly presented little title from the Usborne range.

"Are you There Little Bunny?" is out now, published by Usborne Children's Books.

(All books kindly supplied for review)