Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A fabulous "This or That" interview with two extremely talented folk, here's Ranjit Singh and Mehrdokht Amini, author and illustrator of "Nimesh the Adventurer" (Lantana Publishing)

We're very fortunate to be joined on a fantastic Blog Tour by Ranjit Singh and Mehrdokht Amini, to celebrate the release of their awesome book "Nimesh the Adventurer"

You can find our review of the book (and two other brilliant Lantana Publishing titles) here: A triple-whammy of amazing titles coming from Lantana in 2018, celebrating original and diverse stories.

Ranjit and Mehdrokht have come up with some brilliant answers to our "This or That" questions, so without further ado let's see how they fared...

1) Tea or Coffee?

M: Always Coffee. My favourite is Cortado and as I try not to drink more than a cup a day I cherish every drop of it!

R:Tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace whilst Her Majesty and I exchange gardening tips. Or else coffee on the beach at dawn, while I wistfully ponder my ideal garden (I am an avid gardener).

2) Chocolate or Cheese?

M: Chocolate. But I have difficulty choosing between an oozing truffle chocolate or a creamy burrito cheese.

R: I picture myself outside a beautiful 'fromagerie' somewhere on the outskirts of Paris, munching a Kit Kat.

3) Pens or Pencils?

M: Pens and especially 0.2 Uni pun fine liner.

R:Pens, because it will hurt less if I sit on one by accident. By the way, I have only just realised the word 'pencil' contains the word 'pen'.
4) Cats or Dogs?

M: Dogs but I also find the vulnerable little kitties quite irresistible.

R:According to my sister, I am “definitely a cat person”. I am not sure she means this as a compliment.

One thing I have against dogs is when they leave their excrement on the public pavement, and then when I approach it I suddenly realise its there and have to perform some intricate footwork to avoid it so that a passerby at that moment may think that I am tap dancing on the road (Yep that drives us mad too - Ed)

5) Early riser or late nighter?

M: A very late nighter. My favourite time of working is when everyone is sleep.

R: I really like both and so I think that there are benefits to being a vampire.
6) E-Book Reader or Print Book Hoarder?

M: Print Book hoarder. You leave a trace of your life on print books – a connection with the book as the object and as part of your own history, whereas ebooks are too cold and mechanical.

R:Print books because you can carry around ‘Wealth of Nations’ or ‘War and Peace’ and pretend to look intellectual. The only problem is if I come across someone who has read them and wants to discuss them. This is where my sunglasses come in use (see below).

7) Adventures in the city or out in the countryside?

M:I love both Ancient cities and unspoilt countryside equally.

R:A really leafy city.

8) Traditional Art or Digital Art?

M:Both really are tools of expression. It depends on the idea behind the art and the level of its execution.

R:What is digital art? You have both piqued my curiosity and made me look out of touch. I like viewing traditional art online.

9) Winter or Summer?

M: Summer 100%. The warmer the better.

R:Uh Spring? Autumn? I suppose winter because I can wear my sunglasses without worrying about getting tan lines.

10) Go adventuring to the North Pole or Shoot off in a rocket to Outer Space?

M: Sorry, but neither. I don’t like the cold weather nor travelling in darkness.

R: Who will look after my cat? Maybe my cat could go to the North Pole.

Thank you both for such awesome answers! You can catch up with the rest of the blog tour with the fantastic folk listed below: