Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dig deep into the earth with a pair of amazing Geology titles. Rock Explorer: Gems and Rock Explorer: Fossils by Claudia Martin (QED Publishing)

We're actually very pleased to see a couple of new titles from QED, covering subjects that really don't get enough attention in children's non-fiction...
Of all the sciences, Geology seems to get passed up most of the time and we really struggle to find interesting and engaging books on Geological subjects when hunting for awesome non-fic.

Thankfully the new "Rock Explorer" range from QED goes some way to redressing the balance with a  selection of titles covering some truly intriguing and engaging subjects.

First up is "Rock Explorer: Gems" by Claudia Martin. If you think rocks are boring, think again as we take a close look at some of the most dazzling rocks and crystals, gemstones and mineral formations that Geologists have uncovered.

Beautiful gemstones and crystals. Which is your favourite?
We love looking at these amazing rocks and crystals in our local Natural History Museum (Oxford has a stunning collection of these in the University Museum) and really loved finding out more about how they are formed, where they can be found and the dazzling colours and forms they take.

"Rock Explorer: Gems: by Claudia Martin is out now, published by QED.

Also available is "Rock Explorer: Fossils:

More secrets hidden inside rocks, this time telling us all about life in prehistoric times - and even older! Back when much of the earth was covered in oceans, amazing life forms existed and these have been preserved and fossilised in rocks.

Some of the largest creatures to stalk the earth have been found in fossil form, making this book a fascinating resource to read through so you can identify some of the most incredible examples of fossils.

Did you know, for example, that the Victorians first discovered fossilised Dinosaur poo?

Well, you do now!

Both of these incredible books are full of brilliant photos and simple descriptive text to pique your children's interest in Geology.

Have a dig around in your own back garden. You never know what you might find!
"Rock Explorer: Fossils" by Claudia Martin is also out now, published by QED Publishing (both books kindly supplied for review).