Friday 27 April 2018

ReadItDaddy's Second Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 27th April 2018: "Looshkin Book 1" by Jamie Smart (David Fickling Books)

Our second Picture Book of the Week poses the most important question you may ever face in your entire existence as a human being on this planet. "Do you like Dog Cheese?"
If the answer is a firm, resounding "YES!" then you're a bit weird really aren't you. Console yourself by reading our Comic of the Week, the utterly fantastic first collected volume for a character that has blown "The Phoenix Comic" completely apart whenever his blue fizzog fetches up on their shores.

Looshkin. The maddest cat in the world. Madder than your cat after 12 catnip smoothies. Madder than that cat from the old Walter Lantz cartoon that threw its voice to cause mayhem for a poor defenceless bulldog.

Looshkin's adventures in the weekly comic always take a hilarious direction, usually involving destruction of property, completely hatstand behaviour, and foodstuffs that you really won't want to put anywhere near your cakehole.

I think the reason we love this strip so much is having the immutable force of a cat that A) just does NOT care and B) can cause the complete breakdown of society just by breaking wind.

It's fizzingly energetic, does not stop for breath and in this collected volume of Looshkin's first set of stories in the comic, you'll reach the last page and have exactly the same expression on your face as most of the human characters in these awesome strips.

Utterly brilliant!

"Looshkin" book 1 by Jamie Smart is out on 3rd May 2018, published by David Fickling Books.