Monday 30 April 2018

The Match by Russell Ayto (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

In this World Cup year, you can expect a huge flood of amazing books about the beautiful game - but sometimes the best books are the ones that play things a little closer to home...
Russell Ayto's hilarious "The Match" is a perfect pocket-pitched sized picture book full of wonderful references to what it's like to be mildly (OK, completely!) obsessed with Football.

Our ordinary everyday hero, the man, works all week in the factory. 

The man has a dog who waits patiently at home while his master is out working for a living. 

But at the weekend, they both watch THE MATCH on television together! Happy days you'd think but The Man's favourite footie team are a bit rubbish to say the least and the results aren't good. It's up to The Dog to do something about it.

Wonderfully quirky, with a great pair of characters driving forward the footie-loving narrative, this is definitely one for footie fans big and small. 

"The Match" by Russell Ayto is out now, published by Bloomsbury Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).