Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Creatures of the Order" by Fay Evans and Kelsey Oseid (20 Watt Publishing)

There's always room in our book collection for a brilliantly presented Natural History book, and this certainly fits the bill perfectly...
The truly stunning "Creatures of the Order" by Fay Evans and Kelsey Oseid beautifully demonstrates the amazing diversity of species in the animal kingdom, with a selection of stunning page spreads illustrating the amazing variations in size, shape, colour and behaviour of animals familiar and unfamiliar.

There are patterns to be found, and the book is at its most fascinating as you see the close links between species of the same genus who - despite their differences - share the same evolutionary origins, the same instincts and have adapted to survive in some of the most inhospitable climates on our planet.

It's a book you'll dig into again and again, there's so much detail here and the illustrations are characterful and glorious, making it a real treat for the eyes.

"Creatures of the Order" by Fay Evans and Kelsey Oseid is out today, published by 20 Watt (Kindly supplied for review). 

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