Wednesday, 30 May 2018

"But the Bear Came Back" by Tammi Sauer and Dan Taylor (Sterling Publishing)

Here's a rather interesting book about bears, and boys who - at first - don't like bears...
Yes yes, we know what you're thinking. There are a GAZILLION books out there about bears and boys but in "But the Bear Came Back" by Tammi Sauer and Dan Taylor there's a cute twist or two along the way as the story unfolds.

The boy in question is rather surprised one day to find a bear standing on his doorstep.

Quite rightly the boy shoos the bear away, after all bears do not belong in houses.

But the bear, yep you've guessed it, came back - several times in fact, showing a marked and dogged persistence - and even roping in a random flamingo to try and sweeten the deal.

The boy is stubborn though, and absolutely determined that no bears are coming into his house - even down the chimney!

Excuse me, does it say "BEAR HOTEL" above the door? I don't think so, mister!
Soon though something rather strange happens. The boy suddenly realises he actually misses all that bruin-shaped pestering.

Dude, if it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me. 
The bear, typically, is nowhere to be seen - so the boy decides it's time to start up a poster campaign. FIND THE BEAR! WE MISS HIM!

Anyone seen a large brown cuddly mammal. Answers to the name of "Bear" ?
So, does the bear come back? You just know you've got to read to the end of this one to find out.

It's an adorable little story for little ones, fun and amusing and just crazy enough to warrant our attention, with some really fantastic art from Dan.

Bear-illiant? We think so!

C's best bit: The bit about bears not being able to read angry notes left by boys.

Daddy's favourite bit: A jaunty and fun story about friendships that you might not even recognise even when they're unfolding right under your nose. Delicious.

"But the Bear Came Back" by Tammi Sauer and Dan Taylor is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review)