Wednesday, 30 May 2018

"Puddle Pug" by Kim Norman and Keika Yamaguchi (Sterling)

Is there anything quite as satisfying as sloshing about in puddles? Preferably muddy puddles? This little pug doesn't think so...
In the delightfully charming "Puddle Pug" meet Percy the Pug, an utterly adorable little fellow who really loves puddles.

Percy loves big deep sloshy ones, murky ones, shallow paddles, almost-dried-up ones, any puddle of any description.

But when Percy spies the perfect puddle he can't resist having a dip. There's only one problem. A huge mama piggy and her little piglets already lives in the puddle and she's not exactly the sharing type.

But when chaos comes to her muddy patch, it's up to Percy to save the say - and perhaps win his way into her affections (and, of course, her muddy puddle).

Love or loathe pugs you can't help but love Percy and his dedication to all things puddly.

"Puddle Pug" by Kim Norman and Keika Yamaguchi is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review).