Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Joining the "You're Safe with Me" Blog tour with Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry, creators of this wonderful dreamy book and another superduper "This or That" round

We're hosting another fantastic "This or That" question and answer session, this time with Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry, Author and Illustrator of "You're Safe with Me" from Lantana Publishing.

We've cooked up a crafty set of questions so let's see how Chitra and Poonam got on.

Tea or Coffee?

Poonam: Ohh that’s a hard one. I love both but I drink more coffee than tea. Nothing beats a cup of chai though.

Chitra: Coffee first thing in the morning. Tea when thirsty.

Chocolate or Cheese?

Poonam: Again I love both but if I had to pick one it would be chocolate….I have huge sweet tooth.

Chitra: Cheese! Don’t eat that much chocolate. Strangely I can go without chocolate for years together.

Pens or Pencils?

Poonam: I use both but I couldn’t draw without my Pilot V ball 0.5 pure liquid ink pens. They are an essential.

Chitra: Pens – pens full of ink. Mostly gel pens of all colours. Sometimes I use pencils – but rarely.

Cats or Dogs?

Poonam: Cats!

Chitra: Dogs if I have to choose. I grew up without pets and have never had a pet. Not even a fish. So I’m terrified of all animals. But I’ve tried to befriend dogs in controlled environments. I’d never try to befriend a cat.

Early riser or late nighter?

Poonam: Late nighter. There are times when I get artist block in the day and end up drawing till 4am just because I am on a roll and things seem to click. I also love a lie in.

Chitra: Very early riser. I start my day around 4:30 am, start writing from 5:30 or so, and can go on until noon. Once I get hungry, I stop writing.

E-Book Reader or Print Book Hoarder?

Poonam: Printed book hoarder. Nothing beats physically turning a page of a book.

Chitra: Ah! Both. I love the flexibility of carrying my entire library on holiday. So sometimes I buy the same book in print and electronic. But I’m a big fan of junior fiction and picture books – so I buy loads of them in print.

Summer or Winter?
Poonam: That’s a hard one. I enjoy summer because I go on picnics and long walks. However recently it has been winter. The snow has been a huge source of inspiration for the next book Chitra and myself have been working on.

Chitra: Where I grew up, the difference was marginal. So for me winter, snow, the biting cold, the cold wind in my face was an acquired. While I do like winter, I like the freedom of summer. The long evenings, the flowers, the endless things you can do when the sun comes up at 4 and goes down at nine. But I’ve learnt one thing though – without winter, summer wouldn’t be this joyous. I know, I’ve been in the tropics for the first 27 yeas of my life.

Trains or Planes?

Poonam: Trains. I am not much of a flyer.

Chitra: Trains, hands-down. Love travelling on trains – and all sorts of trains. As a kid, I once went to a hill-station on what they call a toy-train. It’s not a toy-train, but it’s lightweight and has fewer carriages to climb the steep mountains. I loved every minute of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nilgiri_Mountain_Railway

Savoury or sweet tooth?

Poonam: Sweet tooth. I love my ice cream, chocolate, biscuits and cake!

Chitra: Ah both actually. Savoury most of the time. But after a nice Indian home-cooked meal, always I scramble for something sweet. Being on a healthy diet nowadays, I always keep some dates in the house for that occasion.

Cuddle up to a lion or snuggle with Mama Elephant?

Poonam: Mama Elephant! Nothing would be more comforting than her words of wisdom!

Chitra: Mama Elephant every time. I grew up watching elephants in real life. I have touched them as a kid, visited sanctuaries where rescue elephants are kept. Also my favourite god in Hindu epics is Ganesha, the elephant headed one. So elephants were very special to me.

Fabulous answers both! We really enjoyed reading these (and love the idea of that fantastic mountain railway, Chitra!) 

"You're Safe with Me" by Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry is out now, published by Lantana Publishing. 

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