Friday, May 11, 2018

ReadItDaddy's First Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 11th May 2018: "The Big Book of the Blue" by Barbara Taylor and Yuval Zommer (Thames and Hudson) @thamesandhudson

We really look forward to each and every one of Barbara Taylor and Yuval Zommer's fantastic "Big Book" series, and our Book of the Week this week is a stunning addition to the collection...
Tapping into the recent success of television programmes such as "Blue Planet II" and the huge amount of attention from the various ecological issues covered in that programme so successfully, Barbara and Yuval have produced "The Big Book of the Blue" which aims to give children (and adults) a fantastic insight into the world beneath the waves.

This whopping great big hardback book is a satisfying read, delving into the lives of a whole host of aquatic creatures and plants, and taking a closer look at the environments those creatures and plants live in - and sadly quite a lot about the negative impact we humans are having on these habitats.

You'll discover amazing creatures in the book, such as the majestic blue whales, the soaring rays and the wiggly-wibbly octpopii and squids who silently swim through the briny depths.

The book is of course gorgeously illustrated by Yuval...

Take a closer look at the gigantic and microscopic life teeming in our seas
Every page spread is a real treat, crammed with tons of detail and fascinating facts about our oceans and the life in them.

Don't be crabby. Well, unless you're a crab of course!
The book takes a wonderfully light-hearted approach but still doesn't steer from the important matters of our time, like the impact of waste plastics on our ocean and the harmful effects this has on our marine life.

Life teems even in the darkest depths of the ocean
It's a truly gorgeous book and a fantastic addition to your natural history selection.

C's best bit: Learning all about deepwater life and amazing species that glow!

Daddy's favourite bit: A really fantastic book this, full of astonishing facts and glorious illustrations. Another brilliant collaboration from Barbara and Yuval.

"The Big Book of the Blue" by Barbara Taylor and Yuval Zommer is out now, published by Thames and Hudson (kindly supplied for review).