Friday, May 11, 2018

ReadItDaddy's Second Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 11th May 2018 - "Luna and the Moon Rabbit" by Camille Whitcher (Scribblers Publishing) @scribblersbooks

Our second Picture Book of the Week this week is a dreamy and ethereal story that's perfect for a snuggly bunny bedtime...
The absolutely enchanting "Luna and the Moon Rabbit" by Camille Whitcher introduces us to Luna, our sort of girl.

Luna loves daydreaming and letting her imagination soar. One night while she's staring up at the full moon in a clear sky, her Grandma tells her about the Moon Rabbit, a beautiful and ethereal bunny who lives in the moon.

Lured by a rice cake, the moon rabbit befriends Luna and takes her on a magical adventure through the forests and the night time skies.

It's gorgeous storytelling, and you'll really love these beautifully atmospheric illustrations. Just how great does this book look?

A truly gorgeous book this, a tale of imagination and friendship.
 It's not difficult to see why this story has won such a lot of praise, and we're delighted to add our "Book of the Week" nomination to all the rest of the plaudits. It really is a wonderful book this, with a strong core message of friendship and a celebration of the innocence of a child's imagination.

The moon rabbit in all his glory. 
We guarantee you'll never look up at the moon in the same way again.

C's best bit: Spotting the moon rabbit on the real moon!

Daddy's favourite bit: A stunning atmospheric and joyous book this, truly something special for little ones.

"Luna and the Moon Rabbit" by Camille Whitcher is out now, published by Scribblers (kindly supplied for review).