Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gear up for the World Cup with the fantastic Ultimate Football Heroes (John Blake Publishing)

The world is holding its breath, gearing up for a summer of World Cup fever as the World Cup 2018 kicks off in Russia...
The publishing industry is making sure you're well served with a ton of footie books detailing just about every aspect of "The Beautiful Game" - including this awesome range of "Ultimate Football Heroes" books from Matt and Tom Oldfield, published by John Blake Publishing.

Every footie mad kid has a hero or two that they look up to and are inspired by, and you're sure to find them in this range that runs from Messi to Pogba, from Rooney to Gerrard and in September will (for the first time) also include Kelly Smith (in a title written by Charlotte Browne for the same range).

They're great little books, showing how some of your favourite football heroes got started in the game, their career highlights and future aspirations.

Handily pocket sized so you can take them along to matches or to school, they're passionately written and full of great illustrations to really up your game when it comes to footie knowledge.

Check out this stunning range of books that take you from the playground to the pitch.

They're also great as birthday presents, so why not try and collect the set (it'll probably set you back a lot less than trying to collect all those Panini stickers!)

"Ultimate Football Heroes" by Matt and Tom Oldfield, and Charlotte Browne sees the release of the range throughout the summer, with the Kelly Smith book following along in September.

(Books kindly supplied for review).