Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Lunch on a Pirate Ship" by Caryl Hart and Kristina Stephenson (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

Who could've predicted that Pirates would rule the bookshelves, and not just the waves for the past couple of decades in children's books?
Well it's not really difficult to see why, kids just love the slightly mischievous nature of a jolly pirate crew, captured perfectly here in Caryl Hart and Kristina Stephenson's new book "Lunch on a Pirate Ship".

Jack is a fussy little eater and one lunch time he decides he really doesn’t want to eat his boring old lunch. 

Jack starts to imagine what life would be like on a Pirate Ship! What do they eat? Rotten fish and mouldy ships biscuits perhaps? 

Jack lets his imagination soar in this brilliantly buoyant and busy little tale that rolls off the tongue like an ocean wave. 

Glorious rhymes as ever from Caryl Hart (who makes it look SO SO EASY when we know all too well that writing books for children really isn't!) and it's fantastic to see new art from blog fave Kristina Stephenson, taking a rest from being buried under Charlie's stinky socks to draw up a storm with perfect piratical illustrations for this awesome little story. 

If you've got fussy eaters at home (I live with and have to cook for TWO of them, so fully sympathise with Jack's mum here) this is a fab little tale that might just convince 'em to nosh up their greens!

C's best bit: All the yucky gross things Pirates might have to eat. Ew! 

Daddy's favourite bit: Fantastic rhymes, brilliant art, what more could you ask for!

"Lunch on a Pirate Ship" by Caryl Hart and Kristina Stephenson is out now, published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).