Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Tropical Terry" by Jarvis (Walker Books)

Time for more fun under the ocean courtesy of awesome storyteller Jarvis...

With children's attention firmly fixed on our oceans, it's time for a book that dives under the waves to a truly spectacular and amazing place full of teeming colourful life.

In "Tropical Terry" by Jarvis we take a trip to Coral Reef City, home to the most dazzling shoals of tropical fish...

...And then there is Terry. Terry looks grey. Terry feels dull. 

Although he is the best at playing "Hide A Fish", he can't help but wonder: Just what would it feel like to be part of that dashing, flashing crew? 

Terry makes up his mind, there has to be a way to join the colourful elite so with a little help from his friends, he fashions a flashy costume and is ready to impress... 

“Hello-o-o everybody! Just call me TROPICAL Terry!” But will life as a tropical fish be everything he dreamed of?

This is so dazzling and colourful with such a lovely core message that we couldn't resist it. Kids who love "Finding Nemo" or have been glued to Blue Planet 2 will absolutely love it to bits. 

"Tropical Terry" by Jarvis is out now, published by Walker Books.