Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"So Awkward Scrapbook" by Anthony MacMurray and Julie Bower (CBBC / Studio Press)

Well this is So Awkward. I have no idea what "So Awkward" is - but thankfully my daughter is a colossal fan, phew!
We don't really watch much TV as a family. Most of the time we dip into watching CBBC for stuff like Horrible Histories, and of course dunk into any wildlife programmes when we do sit down together. But it seems one member of the family likes a bit of sneaky CBBC watching from time to time.

C loves this programme, so was delighted to see the "So Awkward Scrapbook" from CBBC and Studio Press, dishing up the deepest darkest secrets of Lily, Martha and Jas - and of course their strange motley crew of friends and fellow pupils.

So I had to pass over reviewing reins fully to her, so she could give you her impressions of this scrapbook.

First, a word about parental nicknames. Calling your teenage daughter "Silky Bum-Bum" as a nickname is neither endearing, cute or cool in any way. Particularly when their friends later find out about it. So don't do that thing.

(Psst: Dad here again. C's nickname is Pumpkin, Charlie Bear, or Trubshaw Baby. She HATES all of them. Hah!)


Sid. The sort of kid who used to regularly end up with his trainers flushed down the loo at my school. Wait a minute, that was MEEEEE!
Anyway, this book is great because it tells you how Lily, Martha and Jas got together and how they deal with the important subjects in life like fashion, kissing (!!!) and how to get over that stupid boy who won't go out with you because he's a complete twerp.

(Psst: Dad here again. What was that about kissing and boys? IT'S TOO SOON, TOO SOON, NOOOOOOOOOO!)

Butt out dad.

Problems problems. Who'd be a teen eh?
Anyway, this is a really great book for fans of the programme. It's really funny and I spent hours reading it. And now I think I want to be Lily Silky Bum Bum. Because she's great at science and stuff.

Dad again - wrestling back the reins for a moment. This book is pretty much aimed at fans of the series and probably a bit old for C (does Dad-style frowning look) but it's a zappy idea and we really loved the layout and crazy antics of the So Awkward Crew.

"So Awkward Scrapbook" by Anthony MacMurray and Julie Bower is out now, published by Studio Press (kindly supplied for review).