Wednesday, 15 August 2018

"Where's the Mermaid?" by Chuck Whelon (Pop Press)

Books like "Where's the Mermaid" by Chuck Whelon are an absolute godsend in the long summer hols...
Little Miss loves hidden object books, brought up with stuff like "Where's Wally / Waldo?" and increasingly loving the different themes that have crept into the whole 'find the thingy' book genre.

In "Where's the Mermaid?" (which quite handily cashes in on the absolute mania for all things Mermaid in 2018) you'll find a lot more than these lovely undersea maidens.

Follow Meria, her mer-friends and Mer-Pug, and a host of colourful characters, on an global adventure to 16 detailed locations. 

From the Mer-King's birthday parade to an under-water rock concert via the circus, a sushi bar and a paradise beach, there are loads of fun scenes to explore.

This great book for all ages from 5 years+ includes a special Arctic spread and is absolutely bang on trend for kid fans of "Blue Planet II" as you're tasked with finding 10 pieces of dangerous plastic in these highly detailed and gloriously illustrated spreads. 

Look closely enough and you may even spot Sir David Attenborough himself!

"Where's the Mermaid?" by Chuck Whelon is out on 16th August 2018, published by Pop Press (kindly supplied for review).