Thursday, 25 October 2018

"Illuminatlas" by Kate Davies and Carnovsky (Wide Eyed Editions)

Here's a highly illuminating atlas, using a fabulous three-lens system to really immerse kids in learning about their world...
Kate Davies and the amazing design duo Carnovsky are back with another fantastic book in their informative non-fiction series that uses a set of coloured lenses to show hidden details within each page spread.

We've previously enjoyed "Illuminature" and "Illumanatomy" (exploring flora and fauna, and the human body) so now it's time to jet off across the world to discover tons of amazing facts about the countries and continents on our amazing home planet.

As before, the red, blue and green lenses filter out the layered illustrations in such a way that you get 3 images in one page spread, ramping up children's curiosity and exploratory natures, really fantastic for engaging enquiring minds.

Each category comes with loads of pages to explore.

Time to grab your handy dandy lens tool and explore the world and its wonders!
Along with maps you'll see some detailed descriptions of countries and culture, man-made and natural wonders of the world - and instantly know whereabouts you're travelling using the compass on each page.

Don't let your eyes go too squiffy!
A wonderful large-format book full of amazing things to see, we really enjoy this series and think that the lens dynamic works absolutely perfectly.

The world is yours to explore. Don't forget your lens tool though!
"Illuminatlas" by Kate Davies and Carnovsky is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).