Thursday, 25 October 2018

"This Book Is Not Rubbish: 50 ways to ditch plastic, reduce rubbish and save the world" by Isabel Thomas and Alex Paterson (Wren and Rook)

It's certainly been a year where a lot of people have finally and thankfully sat up and taken notice of what they put in their bins...
We've always been proud of the fact that on balance our recycling bin at home is more full than our normal household waste bin, but we could always do more.

Thankfully in "This Book Is Not Rubbish: 50 ways to ditch plastic, reduce rubbish and save the world" there are tons of amazing ideas that can help even the most ecologically minded family go the extra mile and stop even more waste going into landfill.

With the huge focus on the amount of single-use plastic being thrown away on a daily basis, this book is an incredibly timely and important release - detailing 50 amazing things that children (and their adults) can do to help conserve our resources, make better use of what we've got, and stop our beautiful countryside and wonderful beaches turning into a horrible polluted mess.

Each section of the book comes with some amazingly simple but hugely effective activities that kids can do on their own, or enlist the whole family to become involved in.

Great illustrations from Alex Paterson help to reinforce the importance of the activities detailed by Isabel in this fab book. 
As yucky as it might sound to pick up litter while out on a country walk, imagine if everyone did that - and imagine how gorgeous the place would look without bagfuls of litter cluttering up the place.

We don't have much of a garden to get messy, but we do our bit to ensure that the wildlife attracted to our plants can thrive. 
These nifty 50 tips really are quite awesome, and will give your little ones some brilliant ideas to work on at home, at school or in clubs.

Poor whale. The horrifying statistics about plastic in our oceans have been a huge wake up call for a lot of people. 
A hugely important and brilliantly presented book, this really is the sort of thing that will really stick in the mind of a lot of kids, a fantastic and rallying call to arms to make a difference and help save the planet into the bargain.

"This Book Is Not Rubbish" by Isabel Thomas and Alex Paterson is out now, published by Wren and Rook (kindly supplied for review).