Monday, 12 November 2018

"Adventures in Space" by Simon Tyler (Pavilion Children's Books)

Time for another journey into the stratosphere and beyond, as we take a look at another fabulous title for budding astronauts...
"Adventures in Space" comes from enormously talented Simon Tyler who clearly has a passion for the subject.

This is an awesome first book for kids who are just beginning to learn about space, and want some easy to digest facts along with brilliant illustrations to bring the subject to life.

Covering the early years of space pioneers who dreamed of a life up amongst the stars, to the present-day and our efforts to push out further into our galaxy with manned and unmanned missions to explore, document and hopefully begin to understand space and our universe with greater clarity.

Start by learning the names of all the planets and some brilliant facts about each
Tiny astronomers will love all the detail in this, from talking about the planets to our current means of reaching them with various satellites, probes and even landers that scour the surface of mars.

Rockets! Amazing feats of engineering to help us reach for the stars
Definitely a great place for kids to start if they want a thoroughly absorbing and fascinating reference book that makes learning about space fun!

In the beginning there was Sputnik, and Vostok and later Apollo!
"Adventures in Space" by Simon Tyler is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).