Sunday, 16 December 2018

Booky Advent Calendar Day 16: "King Flashypants and the Snowball of Doom" by Andy Riley (Hodder Children's Books)

For Booky Advent Calendar Day 16, we do love any book that comes with a quote on the front from a kid, who pretty much nails the essence of the book in a short sentence.

"Lots of Fun and Lots of Silly!" is exactly the best way to describe the latest adventure for King Flashypants.

In "King Flashypants and the Snowball of Doom" by Andy Riley, we return to the realm of Edwinland and Nurbisonia as the coldest winter in a century bites down with icy teeth.

Evil Emperor Nurbison isn't having any of this "wrapping up warm" business, so he steals all his peasants' firewood and woolly hats just because he can.

So there's a mass exodus to Edwinland, the kingdom of nine-year-old King Edwin, who welcomes the new folk with open (if slightly shivery) arms.

The furious emperor isn't happy at the loss of his (less than) loyal subjects, and so he talks the scary Ice Folk into joining him in his latest dastardly plan to make life difficult for Edwin and his new peasants.

But Edwin is determined not to let Nurbison get away with it. He is a noble king, after all!

Alas, for King Edwin there's a slight problem -  a voice of doubt in his head called Wendy Worry, who keeps telling him he's not up to the job of being king, is nagging away at him as he tries to do his best to resolve the situation.

How can King Flashypants beat Emperor Nurbison AND Wendy Worry at the same time?

This is another fizzingly brilliant romp from Andy, but with a semi-serious message about dealing with childhood anxiety tucked between the hilarious tos and fros between King Flashypants and Emperor Nurbison. Actually more thought-provoking than you might think for a funny book.

"King Flashypants and the Snowball of Doom" by Andy Riley is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).