Monday, 17 December 2018

Booky Advent Calendar Day 17: "How to Hide a Lion at Christmas" by Helen Stephens (Alison Green Books)

Day 17 on our Booky Advent Calendar and as the big day gets closer and closer (8 sleeps to go!) we're digging deeper into our Christmas Book Sack to bring you some absolutely brilliant books.

Like "How to Hide a Lion at Christmas", the fourth book in Helen Stephens' whimsical and delightful series.

Iris and her lion go absolutely everywhere together (if you are familiar with the series, you'll know exactly what happened when Iris and the Lion first met, went to school and had an eventful time at Grandma's house!)

When Christmas comes, the family are going away but Mum says the lion must stay behind. After all, you can't take a lion on a train.

Luckily the lion has other ideas. He sets off on a festive, snowy adventure to find Iris - and almost bumps into Father Christmas!

With lots of snowy atmosphere and a gorgeous 'road trip' of a story for Lion, this is a warming Christmas tale with a gloriously happy ending perfect for snuggly little toes as they curl up under the duvet for a story. 

"How to Hide a Lion at Christmas" by Helen Stephens is out now, published by Alison Green Books (kindly supplied for review).