Wednesday, 2 January 2019

"Dear Donald Trump" by Sophie Siers and Anne Villeneuve (Templar)

Here's a poignant and thought provoking book that might just be the right age group for the Shredded-Wheat-Headed weird orange baby-man himself.

Though I think perhaps the message might be a bit too sophisticated for him.

Kids though, kids will love the tone of "Dear Donald Trump" by Sophie Siers and Anne Villeneuve. Particular kids with annoying siblings just like the central character, Sam

Sam has a problem you see. His older brother is always hogging space in their shared room, in a tiny house in New Zealand.

Sam's frustration boils over - and when he sees Donald Trump on TV talking about "Building a wall" Sam thinks it actually sounds like a great idea, and begins to write to the President of the USA for some handy tips and hints.

Of course, the story really isn't about Sam idolising the President - more the tone that the story takes as Sam begins to question the need for a wall at all, and some quite sage wisdom from his older brother might actually sink in more than anything Trump could possibly say (or tweet).

Sam begins to write to the President...

Neatly written, with some great illustrations it's a very tongue in cheek look at how sometimes, even when you act like a childish brat yourself, you can still take some keen advice from kids who say what they see - and have a habit of making us realise just how daft we can be sometimes.

Sam's older brother is a lot wiser than he's given credit for. 

"Dear Donald Trump" by Sophie Siers and Anne Villeneuve is out now, published by Templar Publishing (kindly supplied for review).