Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Welcome to our first review of 2019! Happy New Year! Let's kick off with a look at "Disney Princess: The Castle Collection" (Studio Press)

Welcome back! We hope you've had a fantastic break over Christmas and are having a Happy New Year so far!

We're kicking off 2019 with a book that gathers together some truly amazing and desirable residences. Who would live in places like this?

Princesses. Disney Princesses, of course and in "The Castle Collection" you'll step inside some of the most famous and incredible locations from some of your favourite Disney Princess movies.

This sumptuous collection from Studio Press uses brilliant artwork, cutaways and scenic illustrations to show off the insides of those amazing palaces.

Everyone from Merida to Mulan, Cinderella to Rapunzel puts in an appearance - and if you've recently giggled along with their antics in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" (alongside Vanellope Von Schweetz) you'll know these sassy gals love comfort and luxury.

Let's take a look at some of the interior shots:

Aurora's castle. Well, the beds definitely need to be comfy for sure if you're going to sleep in 'em for 100 years!
The illustrations are truly magical, as are the descriptions of the various rooms inside each castle and palace.

Wonderful Disney background shots are used to show off the rooms. 
It's more than just a production art book, definitely offering lots of glimpses at how designers reflected the overall look and feel of each of the movies in a thoughtful and integrated way.

Under the sea? Well it is so much better down where it's wetter (er, apparently!)
We love all things Disney so this book was absolutely perfect for us.

C's favourite castle / palace: Rapunzel's pad with Flynn.

Daddy's favourite castle / palace: Ariel's fantastic undersea palace with all those cool-looking staircases and slides.

"Disney Princess: The Castle Collection" is out now, published by Studio Press (kindly supplied for review).