Monday, 25 March 2019

"The Story of People" by Catherine Barr, Steve Williams and Amy Husband (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Imagine having a time machine that would let you travel through the breadth of human history, to chart our amazing progress as a species.

That's the idea inside "The Story of People: A First Book about Humankind" by Catherine Barr, Steve Williams and Amy Husband.

Designed as a brilliant entry-level book for inquisitive kids, "The Story Of People" helps kids answer some of the most poignant questions surrounding humanity.

When did the first humans live?

How did humans spread all over the world?

How has science and technology changed the way we live?

And what will happen to humans in the future?

The team behind The Story of Space and The Story of Life present a first book about the human world for very young children, looking at how humans evolved and the history of humanity up to the present day.

Would it have been cool to be a caveman?
With fabulous characterful illustrations to accompany the text, kids will be instantly drawn into the story of humans and how they evolved.

Science!! Imagine being at the forefront of amazing scientific discoveries!
There are so many excellent spreads in this book that help bring the subject to life perfectly.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A fantastic journey through history to chart the amazing achievements humans are capable of, with a nice open question at the end to what our future may hold.

"The Story of People" by Catherine Barr, Steve Williams and Amy Husband is out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).