Monday, 25 March 2019

"What's Next?" by Timothy Knapman and Jane McGuiness (Walker Books)

Here's a rather lovely bedtime story that sees the world through the eyes of a youngster who finds absolutely everything dazzling and amazing.

"What's Next?" by Timothy Knapman and Jane McGuinness is rather lovely, choosing a baby badger as its central character. A little fellah who loves to see what's going to crop up next in his amazing nocturnal world.

Curious Baby Badger loves exploring but wants to know what the world is like outside his cosy set. 

So, one night,  daddy badger takes him on a moonlit adventure through the still, black-and-white forest up above their underground home. 

That's the trigger to set Baby Badger's imagination soaring ever higher. What's daytime like? he wonders. What's next?

This is a lovely father-son adventure, out in plenty of time for consideration for a sneaky Father's Day present (Sunday 16th June is a long way away but a bit of forward planning never did anyone any harm!)

Sum this book up in a sentence: A wonderful night-time adventure with a little fellah seeing his world anew, and a dad guiding him through his adventures safely. 

"What's Next?" by Timothy Knapman and Jane McGuinness is out now, published by Walker Books (kindly supplied for review).