Monday, 1 April 2019

"My City" by Joanne Liu (Prestel Publishing)

Cities are amazing places. Perhaps you live in or near one, or perhaps you travel in by bus, car or train to visit your nearest urban metropolis.

In "My City" by Joanne Liu, a young boy called Max is asked to mail a letter for his mother.

As he walks through his neighborhood in search of a mailbox, he encounters all sorts of interesting things like falling leaves dancing in the wind, skyscrapers towering in the distance, and junk being piled into a garbage truck.

All around him adults hurry on their various errands, too busy to appreciate these wondrous details. Life in the city happens at an amazing pace, but sometimes it takes a child's eyes to really appreciate what's going on and what keeps cities buzzing and moving.

Max's walk through the city eventually leads him to discover that the mailbox is actually right next door to his own house but in his walk around the place, he's learned a lot more about what makes cities tick.

Perfect for younger inquisitive children who love exploring, they will enjoy following Max on his adventure and seeing things from his perspective as they explore Joanne Liu's colorful celebration of everyday life in a busy city.

Sum this book up in a sentence: An amazing journey of discovery for one little boy as he makes his way across town to post a letter, and a book that will give kids an amazing introduction to all the ways our cities buzz and tick from day to day.

"My City" by Joanne Liu is out on 8th April 2019, published by Prestel (kindly supplied for review).