Tuesday 16 April 2019

"Sounds of Nature: World of Forests" by Robert Frank Hunter (Wide Eyed Editions)

We do love a fabulous natural history book or two on this blog and "Sounds of Nature: World of Forests: by Robert Hunter is absolutely pitch perfect.

For not only does this book LOOK brilliant, it also SOUNDS brilliant too thanks to some fabulous 'sound spot' technology to really bring its core subject to life.

We're taking a trip across the world to many different forest habitats that are all rich in diverse plant and animal life.

See the animals that live in our forests, and also hear them as they screech, squawk, tweet and roar.

Explore ten diverse habitats—from the Amazon Rainforest, to Redwood National Park to the New Forest (our own personal favourite weekend destination. We love it there!)

Evergreen forests full of badgers, deer, capercalies and wild lynxes! Wow!

Listen to animals in the wild with this extraordinary sound book. Simply press the page to hear the exquisite sounds of animals around the world, from the pandas of the bamboo forest of China to the bald eagles of Tongass National Park in Alaska. 

What does nature look like - and sound like - in icier climates?

A stunning interactive book for young nature lovers.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A truly wonderful resource for little ones beginning their learning journey about our world, with fabulous sound technology to really bring the subject matter to life. 

"Sounds of Nature: World of Forests" by Robert Frank Hunter is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).