Wednesday, 17 April 2019

"The Book Dragon" by Kell Andrews and Eva Chatelain (Sterling Publishing)

Reading isn't for everyone, as completely strange and weird as that sounds.

I remember my own personal reading journey only began once my junior school teacher realised the reason I took a while to take to reading wasn't because I didn't love stories and books, I just didn't love the ones they started out with in school. After all, who wants to read about spot the dog, or a cat sitting on a mat when you can read about "The Book Dragon" by Kell Andrews and Eva Chatelain.

Rosehilda and her friends are warned to beware of the Book Dragon! 

She'll steal your books in the middle of the night to add to her stash. 

But soon brave young Rosehilda dares to confront The Book Dragon and discovers that books really shouldn't just be judged by their covers (though "The Book Dragon" does have a rather fabulous cover, if we do say so ourselves!)

Yawn! Who would want to learn to read like this? Ugh! Gimme books!

Rosehilda's home town won't allow books of any sort, thanks to the Book Dragon - and learning to read is a real slog.  But after Brunhilda meets the Book Dragon, everything changes for good, and soon everyone can once again enjoy books and stories in the way they're meant to be enjoyed - by sharing them around!

Sum this book up in a sentence: A lovely little story with glorious illustrations to celebrate a love of books, and hopefully encourage little ones to embark on their own reading journeys. 

"The Book Dragon" by Kell Andrews and Eva Chatelain is out now, published by Sterling Publishing (kindly supplied for review).