Wednesday, 24 July 2019

"Alice In Wonderland - A Puzzle Adventure" by Aleksandra Artymowska (Big Picture Press)

You'll see an AWFUL lot of "Alice in Wonderland" books around at the moment, new anthologies of stories based on Lewis Carrol's amazing books, and of course tons and tons of spin-offs and abridged versions.

But how about a huge, brilliantly detailed and luxurious book full of amazing visual puzzles, ranging from amazingly complex mazes, to 'spot the difference' spreads, and tons of hidden objects to spot.

in "Alice in Wonderland - A Puzzle Adventure" by Aleksandra Artymowska you'll find Alice's story laid out as a series of brain-bending puzzle challenges for you to wrap your grey matter around.

There are tons and tons of pages in this, covering the entirety of the story - and all of our favourite bits from Alice falling down the endless hole to enter Wonderland, to a certain queen with a penchant for red roses (even if they're painted white ones!)

More tea, anyone?
All your favourite characters appear, from Alice herself to the Mad Hatter and Mad March Hare.

Can you spot the cheshire cat? Look for his grin!
It's an impressive book, perfect for sprawling out on the floor with.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A devilishly challenging set of themed puzzles based on the stories of Lewis Carroll, and utterly chock full of detail.

"Alice in Wonderland - A Puzzle Adventure" by Aleksandra Artymowska is out now, published by Big Picture Press (kindly supplied for review).