Wednesday, 24 July 2019

"Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book" by Jen Alliston (Button Books)

As the summer holidays creep ever closer (or, for some of you lucky folk, are already here) the inevitable sound of wailing may commence at home.


So it's probably a good job that books like "Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book" by Jen Alliston exist. Filled to the brim with amazing puzzles, games, activities and superb Egyptian-themed makes, it's perfect for your mini historians.

Sneaking in loads of interesting facts and information about the ancient Egyptians and their amazing civilisation, Jen makes learning fun with loads of brilliantly designed activities to keep young minds buzzing with curiosity and excitement.

There are also over 100 stickers to use in several brilliant themed scenes, again helping kids build up a picture of the amazing history of Egypt.

Not just for mummies, it's good for daddies too!

Sum this book up in a sentence: Perfect summer holiday fare for kids who love their history wrapped in bandages and a wee bit sandy!

"Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book" by Jen Alliston is out now, published by Button Books (kindly supplied for review).