Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Catch up on your summer reading skills with Bloomsbury's excellent range of Young Reader titles (Bloomsbury Publishing)

It's very easy for kids to get into a bit of a 'summer lull' when it comes to reading (I know, hard to imagine isn't it!) but here's a fantastic range of titles from Bloomsbury Publishing that aren't just great for home as well as school.

There's truly something for everyone here, for example the antics of a very long dog in "Happy Birthday Sausage!" by Michaela Morgan and Felicity Sheldon.

It's a fun little doggy story that's perfect for kids who love crazy animal antics, as it's Sausage's birthday and he's going to have a party with all of his friends.

But the mean, jealous cats have hidden all of the invitations and no one turns up. Poor Sausage is the saddest little sausage dog in the whole wide world!

What can be done to give Sausage a happy birthday?

"Happy Birthday Sausage" by Michaela Morgan and Felicity Sheldon is out now, published by Bloomsbury.

There's also "The Ugly Little Swan" by James Riordan and Brendan Kearney. The story of a fluffy little chick who wonders why he's so different to his parents and other family.

He's small and brown and just doesn't fit in. 

So he sets off alone into the big, wide world. 

Will the ugly little swan find a friend? 

Will he discover who he truly is?

It's a nice version of the classic "The Ugly Duckling" that's perfect for easing kids into their own solo reading. 

"The Ugly Little Swan" by James Riordan and Brendan Kearney is out no, published by Bloomsbury Young Readers. 

There are many more titles, such as "Jack and the Jungle" and "A Tiger For Breakfast" - All brilliant little books that will guide your tinies through a summer reading adventure or two!