Wednesday, 25 September 2019

"A Gallery of Cats" by Ruth Brown (Scallywag Books)

A whimsical journey through the art world - with some very special feline guides.

In "A Gallery of Cats" by Ruth Brown you'll meet young Tom, who visits a gallery with his grandmother.

Tom manages to slip away, discovering a secret gallery filled with very special paintings - each one seems to depict a different but very distinctive moggy, painted in the style of the grand masters themselves.

Find Jackson, who loves to make a fabulously colourful mess. Or perhaps Gustav, who loves to produce the most finely detailed and exquisite work. There's also Piet, who loves boxes - but then again don't all cats?

Ruth's playful exploration of famous works of art and famous artists is brilliantly brought to life with these fabulous cats, but what will Tom do when he reaches the end of the gallery and needs to encourage all those cats back into their paintings?

We'll leave you to discover the lovely twist at the end.

Sum this book up in a sentence: a glorious exploration of fabulous artworks with very special feline guides to help us identify each artist and their own unique styles.

"A Gallery of Cats" by Ruth Brown is out now, published by Scallywag Books (kindly supplied for review).