Wednesday, 25 September 2019

"Kites" by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu (Frances Lincoln First Editions)

Ready for something truly visually stunning, with a heartwarming story of friendship and finding a way to fit in with others?

Here's "Kites" by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu, that rare thing - a picture book that takes a message that you may be very familiar with, producing and presenting it in such an arresting and attention-grabbing way that you just get completely sucked in.

"Kites" is the story of David. He's the new kid in Fivehills, having just moved there with his family. The first thing David sees are the kites.

There are huge ones, small ones, kites shaped like soaring eagles, boxy kites shaped like snuffling pigs. Kites with lights that shine bright from above, and kites that reflect the very sky itself.

David falls completely head over heels in love with the idea of owning his own kite, but his meagre efforts and attempts to make one are scoffed at by the other kids at first. But then David remembers the wise words of his Grandpa - "Let's take a look at what we've got" - and begins to gather together materials to realise his ambition, to fly a truly stunning kite.

David meets some children from the village - and they are quick to offer advice to counter Grandpa's wisdom too. But then it takes something truly special, not just wisdom from Grandpa but a special gift - to truly make that kite soar.

There's a lovely little moral tucked into this, set against the breathtaking backdrop of dozens of amazing kites all flapping in the breeze, and David's own lesson to learn about being happy in yourself, and sometimes standing firm and showing others that you don't need the flashiest things in life to feel whole or to make things work. Sometimes you just need to look at what you've got and work with it.

Utterly beautiful.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A book that feels like a breath of fresh air, soaring on strong breezes to work its way into your heart, utterly gorgeous stuff!

"Kites" by Simon Mole and Oamul Lu is out now, published by Frances Lincoln First Editions (kindly supplied for review).