Monday, 28 October 2019

"Cats React to Science Facts" by Izzi Howell (Wayland Publishing)

Cats make everything about 5 billion percent cooler, it's a scientific fact - and it's not the only one crammed into "Cats React to Science Facts" by Izzi Howell.

Prepare yourself for a mind-bending combination of cuteness and amazing eye-boggling science crammed into this zany and attractively presented book for younger would be scientists (and of course cat fans).

Find out why you can't burp in space, or how cow farts could actually make electricity.

Find out how your ears pick up sounds and translate these into messages your brain understands.

Learn all about weird materials that exist in our world, or strange creatures that lurk in our rainforests and deserts.

Each catty fact comes with a "React-O-Meter" ranging from "WOW!" to "Mind-Blowing".

With tons of cute (and not so cute) kitties to guide you on your way, it's a science smorgasbord with a furry tail! Let's take a peek inside...

Learn all about materials with a collection of fuzzy little buddies. 
Ear Ear! How do your ears work?
Sum this book up in a sentence: A superb little science book for younger kids, but C (who adores cats in any shape or form) absolutely lapped this up like a cat laps up gold top!

"Cats React to Science Facts" by Izzi Howell is out now, published by Wayland Publishing (kindly supplied for review).