Friday, 25 October 2019

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 25th October 2019: "The Girl Who Speaks Bear" by Sophie Anderson and Kathrin Honesta (Usborne Children's Books)

Our Chapter Book of the Week is something very special indeed, and a book that we really took our time over, savouring every single glorious descriptive moment of it.

"The Girl who Speaks Bear" by Sophie Anderson, with cover by Kathrin Honesta, is the second book from the massively talented author of "The House With Chicken Legs" (which we sadly missed out on - but will definitely be sticking on our 'to buy' list given how amazing this book is).

The books open with a simple prologue, described from the point of view of a young girl named Yanka. They call her Yanka the Bear because she's as strong as one, and her earliest memory is of the huge bear that nuzzled her and protected her before she was found, abandoned, in a cave as a babe in arms.

Yanka is not like the other children - she grows taller and stronger by the day, and villagers often ask for her help. But Yanka always returns home every night, safe and warm in the home she shares with her foster mother Mamochka. Theirs is a simple life but soon Yanka will learn more about herself, and her world than she could possibly ever imagine.

Sophie once again delves into traditional oral and written stories from other countries to provide something sparkling, imaginative and atmospheric that just draws you right into Yanka's tale as it begins to unfold - with so many things for girls like C to identify with and nod wrily along with.

I'd find her tucked up in bed with this book over the course of the two evenings she polished it off in, absolutely pulled into this book, and savouring every moment until the hugely satisfying end.

Definitely not to be missed!

Sum this book up in a sentence: A rich and glorious classic-feeling story of bravery and acceptance from a writer who pours their heart and soul into their books.

"The Girl Who Speaks Bear" by Sophie Anderson, with cover by Kathrin Honesta, is out now, published by Usborne Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).