Thursday, 21 November 2019

"Max the Detective Cat: The Catnap Caper" by Sarah Todd Taylor, with illustrations by Nicola Kinnear (Nosy Crow)

Did you know there's a whole genre based around cat detective fiction? No? Well there most certainly is. Cats are naturally inquisitive, quite cunning and excellent at solving problems and puzzles (you thought those mackerel fillets were safe in the fridge? Better check again when you get home!)

"Max the Detective Cat" by Sarah Todd Taylor and Nicola Kinnear is an excellent example of middle grade detective fiction that just so happens to fall into the cat-egory (I know, the cat puns, we just can't help ourselves) and it's the third brilliant novel chronicling Max's amazing adventures.

This time the globetrotting cat is off to Paris to investigate a very mysterious disappearance amongst the rooftops and spires of this romantic and enchanting city.

Max arrives in the midst of preparations for a fantastic singing competition which has the city's attention, but meanwhile something altogether more nefarious is going on.

Pampered moggies are disappearing from their comfortable homes and no one knows why so it's up to Max to take a closer look at a truly puzzling and baffling case.

Sarah's characters are delicious, truly - and Max is whip-smart and engaging, setting us up for a glorious detective romp in a fabulous setting.

If you've not yet caught up with the series, do check out "The Disappearing Diva" and "The Phantom Portrait" - the previous adventures in Max's amazing life as a superb feline sleuth. Utterly brilliant stuff!

Sum this book up in a sentence: A superb moggy-based detective romp amongst the rooftops of Paris, beautifully written and illustrated, pulling curious kids right into the story with tons of atmosphere and cleverness.

"Max the Detective Cat: The Catnap Caper" by Sarah Todd Taylor and Nicola Kinnear is out now, published by Nosy Crow Books (kindly supplied for review).