Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Booky Advent Calendar Day 3: "Star (Winter Animal Stories) by Holly Webb" (Little Tiger)

Our third entry in our Booky Advent Calendar is the first and definitely not the last entry from super-talented and hugely prolific author Holly Webb, who has an absolute knack and talent for producing some of the most gorgeous and atmospheric winter and christmas stories.

"Star (Winter Animal Stories)" by Holly Webb begins when Anna borrows a tiny wooden tiger from her Russian grandmother's mantelpiece.

It's a very naughty thing to do - but little does Anna realize that it is the start of a magical adventure...

Waking the next day, Anna finds herself in a snowy Russian village, where she hears the news that a tiger cub has been spotted in the nearby woods. 

Anna knows this is why she must be here - the cub needs her help! But is Anna brave enough to set out in search of a tiger in the forest at night?

As ever, Holly produces a hugely engaging and gorgeously timely story perfect for snuggling up with on wintry nights. 

"Star (Winter Animal Stories)" by Holly Webb is out now, published by Little Tiger Press (kindly supplied for review)