Wednesday, 8 January 2020

"Scruffle Nut" by Corinne Fenton and Owen Swan (New Frontier Publishing)

Do you have a strong memory of your childhood? Do certain things come back to you while daydreaming, or do you remember something really special happening that you can still recall with absolute clarity?

In "Scruffle Nut" Corinne Fenton draws up a dreamy story about a little girl's encounter with a furry little squirrel one wintry day in the park.

As time passes, the little girl names her new friend Scruffle-Nut and always looks for him whenever she treks out into the snow, knowing that he'll pop up from behind a log for a cheeky nut or two.

As the snow whirls around, their friendship develops and the story feels at once dream-like and evocative of what it feels like when you're a kid and your whole world is on your doorstep.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A wonderful tale about kindness and friendship, full of atmosphere and a perfect wintry setting.

"Scruffle-Nut" by Corinne Fenton and Owen Swan is out now, published by New Frontier Publishing (kindly supplied for review).