Tuesday, 7 January 2020

"Pip Finds a Home" by Elena Topouzoglou (New Frontier Publishing)

In "Pip Finds a Home" meet a lonely penguin who embarks on a colossal journey to the South Pole to search for some soul mates.

After his long journey over the seas, Pip finally arrives but as he meets his fellow penguins, he realises he is not quite the same as them. 

It can be tough to fit into a new place when you're a stranger!

A heartfelt and nicely written story complimented by suitably wintry scenes as Pip adjusts to his new life, this is a perfect tale to snuggle up with on a cold wintry night. 

Sum this book up in a sentence: Elena delicately examines aspects of migration and fitting in, using the perfect characters to show that even though we may look a little different, we are essentially all the same underneath. 

"Pip Finds a Home" by Elena Topouzoglou is out now, published by New Frontier Publishing (kindly supplied for review).