Monday, 6 January 2020

"The Perfect Birthday Recipe" by Katy Hudson (Capstone)

Katy Hudson is back with her brilliant mix of moral stories, fused with fab animal characters in "The Perfect Birthday Recipe".

Beaver is something of a perfectionist, and he likes things "Just So" - but when it's his birthday and all his animal friends want to bake him a cake, will Beaver be able to rein in his perfectionism to let his friends truly help him celebrate?

This year Tortoise, Bird, Rabbit, and Squirrel insist on baking Beaver's birthday cake, but Beaver isn't so sure. 

Will Beaver's nitpicky ways ruin his birthday and his friendships? 

"The Perfect Birthday Recipe" is the fourth and final story in Katy Hudson's best-selling set of seasonal picture books, including Too Many Carrots, A Loud Winter's Nap, and The Golden Acorn (which we've also reviewed on the blog, hit up our search above to find them). 

Sum this book up in a sentence: Another fabulous and cuddly tale filled with awesome animal characters from talented Katy, this time helping children understand the pros and cons of being a bit of a perfectionist!

"The Perfect Birthday Recipe" by Katy Hudson is out now, published by Capstone / Raintree (kindly supplied for review).